How Your Financial Generosity Changes The World

Money is always a tough topic to discuss… It is sensitive and uncomfortable. This leads to a lot of churches rarely talking about it and never giving themselves the opportunity to show biblically how personal generosity is a discipleship issue that changes the world.

The downside of not discussing it is churches lose the ability to unleash the power of generosity in their people, their community, and the world.

So what I want to do here is show how every single person who has been financially generous towards God and his mission at my local church have given to:

  1. Churches being planted all around the world.
  2. Unreached people groups being engaged with the gospel.
  3. Orphans being adopted.
  4. Their own hearts being freed from bondage.
  5. Non-profit organizations being incredibly blessed so they can continue their mission.
  6. Mortgages being paid for hurting families.
  7. Former prostitutes, drug addicts, and people who have had abortions coming to know God.
  8. Counseling being provided for people needing healing.
  9. Thousands of people hearing the gospel preached and applied… every. single. week.
  10. Hundreds of people crossing over from death to life.
  11. Churches and campuses being planted in the US.
  12. Thousands of people having the opportunity every single week to gather together for worship, the ordinances, prayer, and community.
  13. People being invested in as disciples from their Community Group.
  14. Christians discovering their spiritual gifts and being trained, equipped, and empowered to use them for Kingdom advancement.
  15. New Christians being given Bible reading plans and other resources to grow in their new faith.
  16. Young leaders being invested in to grow so they can lead the next generation of churches.
  17. Hundreds of children being taught and discipled biblically, in a gospel-rich way on a weekly basis.
  18. Hundreds of students being discipled by adults who help them mature into the fullness of Christ.
  19. Marriages become restored and healed.
  20. Engaged couples get premarital counseling to help them have a marriage that represents Christ to the world.
  21. Parents finding help and resources to disciple their kids.
  22. Teaching on how to live missionally and evangelistically through BLESS strategy.
  23. People being prayed over by elders and church leaders.
  24. Young believers understanding and following Jesus in baptism.
  25. Physical needs getting met: food, clothes, housing, etc.
  26. Church buildings getting built in third world countries to churches have a place to gather and be a light in a dark world.

This list could seriously go on and on and on…

My point: there is truly not a better investment than when people give to God and his mission through the work of a local church. 

The Bible calls us to give generously, with cheerful hearts (2 Corinthians 8). Why? Because God is making sure he has your heart, not your money, and when he has your heart he uses your financial generosity to change the world as he “makes it on earth as it is in heaven.”

The world may think you are crazy, but every dollar you give to the church of Jesus is a well spent dollar.